Thumbies Fingerprint Jewelry & Keepsakes

These days it can often be difficult to think of a unique and special gift for the people you love. That’s where Thumbies fingerprint keepsakes come in! Thumbies is a USA brand of hand-made customized jewelry. Thumbies specialize in making personalized jewelry from fingerprints, thumbprints, a pet’s paw or nose print, baby handprints and footprints and other personalized imprints.

Thumbies was founded back in 1998 when a doting father received a very special present – a fingerprint charm made with the fingerprints of his beautiful daughters. Receiving this very meaningful gift inspired him to create the brand Thumbies. He believed strongly that others would love to receive unique fingerprint jewelry as a gift, and he was right! The brand has innovated the creation of many different styles of fingerprint charms and keepsakes made from 14k gold, sterling silver, rose gold and white gold.

Not only do these distinctive pieces of jewelry look amazing, they’re also built to last! The brand is renowned for its high-quality American craftsmanship that you simply don’t get from cheap mass-produced jewelry. Thumbies are made to be precious family heirlooms.

Highly skilled artisans create each individual charm from custom-built casts of the customer’s print of choice. When purchasing your Thumbies keepsake, you are getting a piece of jewelry that was made with love for the people you love.

Thumbies isn’t just a brand of jewelry – it’s a mission to bring together generations of people with love and to celebrate the people closest to us. Thumbies clearly brings this passion to their work and as of this day is the only USA-based company that hand-makes fingerprint charms.

What Exactly Are Fingerprint Charms?

Thumbies are personalized charms (AKA keepsakes) that are made from real fingerprints, thumbprints, footprints, handprints, paw prints (called Buddies) or other prints. You make a print of whatever you desire and our graphic designers use custom software to scan the print, correct any minor imperfections and use that to create a mold for a piece of beautiful jewelry. It takes the age-old practice of wax casting and combines it with the latest software to create a stunning work of art. Each item is unique and special of course and made with loving care. These gorgeous items of jewelry are perfect for parents, lovers, siblings, friends, pet lovers or families.

*We now also offer customized fingerprint necklaces and engraved dog tags!

See How Thumbies Are Made

This behind-the-scenes video takes you right into the USA production facility where Thumbies are lovingly hand-crafted by highly skilled American workers. This video is straight from the Thumbies website and is a rare glimpse at how the magic is made.

How to Order Your Custom Thumbies Jewelry

Ordering your own custom fingerprint or thumbprint jewelry has never been easier! Not only do we offer the best prices on Thumbies jewelry anywhere, we also make the ordering process as simple as possible.

We make it easier than ever to make your own fingerprint, thumbprint or whatever print you need. First, you decide which style, size and color of jewelry you want and also what kind of print you want (e.g. fingerprint, baby footprint etc.) with the easy drop-down menu on the product page. Once you’ve ordered, we will mail you one of our easy DIY fingerprint-making kits. The kind print-making kit we send to you will depend on what kind of print you are going to make.

These print-making kits are completely inkless, so you don’t need to worry about making a mess! They include full instructions on how to make your prints (complete with a link to watch a video instruction).

Then, once you’ve made your print, just ship it back to us (we include a return envelope with a pre-paid shipping label). Once we receive your print, we’ll get to work making your gorgeous and one-of-a-kind jewelry!

It takes approximately one week to produce your custom item when your print has been received. Once completed, we will ship your precious jewelry to you and send you the tracking information so you know when to expect it! All our Thumbies shipments are shipped with Priority Mail and are fully insured against damage or loss in transit, so you have complete peace of mind when ordering.

Our Guarantee

We are committed to offering only the highest-quality jewelry in our store. We are proud offer our customers this beloved brand of custom jewelry.

All our jewelry is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.