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Victorian Tear Catchers – Myth or Reality?

“Tear catching” is used to describe the act of catching a person’s tears into a small glass or porcelain bottle to mourn the passing of a loved one. The phrase is often associated with the Victorian era and the idea that people would catch their tears in a container to use in some sort of […]

Ancient Greek Architecture and Furniture

The ancient Greeks and Romans are known for the myriad of contributions they’ve made to human civilization, everything from aqueducts to modern democracy. The ancient Greek empire spanned the period from about 900 BC to about 300 BC. The two most important examples of Greek architecture are the Doric and Ionic architectural styles. Ancient Greeks […]

Roman Antiquities and Trinkets

In ancient Rome, furniture was not as elaborate as it is today. The Romans were more concerned with the practicality of their furniture than with its beauty. As a result, they had simple furnishings that would serve the purpose of holding up the roof and making a home comfortable. Ancient Romans had a variety of […]

Ancient Greek and Roman Funeral Practices

Tear Catcher Shop - Ancient Greek and Roman Funeral Practices

The ancient Greeks mourned their dead in a variety of ways. They would hold a funeral, which would include a burial ceremony and also a wake. The Greeks also had ceremonies for the days following the death of the loved one. Ancient Greek Funerals The funeral was an important component of ancient Greek mourning rites. […]