Ancient Greek Architecture and Furniture

The ancient Greeks and Romans are known for the myriad of contributions they’ve made to human civilization, everything from aqueducts to modern democracy. The ancient Greek empire spanned the period from about 900 BC to about 300 BC.

The two most important examples of Greek architecture are the Doric and Ionic architectural styles. Ancient Greeks were the first to use columns, arches, and domes in architecture. This is because they knew that these structures would be more stable and better able to withstand earthquakes. They were also the first civilization to develop a sense of proportion and symmetry in architecture. This is evident in the Acropolis, which was built on a hilltop overlooking Athens.

The Greeks created a new architectural style called the Doric order. The Doric order was characterized by its simplicity and restraint, with columns that had no bases and capitals that were square in shape.

Greeks were very advanced in the areas of math, science, and philosophy. They also had a rich culture with many different gods and goddesses. They believed that the gods controlled everything on earth. Architecture was one of the most important aspects of their culture. The Greeks loved to build large temples with columns that were decorated with sculptures and other artwork.

The people of ancient Greece had a lot of similarities to modern people in our world today. The Greeks were hard working, they had a strong sense of community and they loved their art. However, even the most affluent did not have many of the luxuries that we enjoy today, including running water. They mostly traveled everywhere by foot or by boat on the few occasions they did travel.

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