We Now Offer Free Shipping For Orders Over $100!

It’s no secret that nobody likes to pay for shipping. Let’s face it, shipping costs can be a major obstacle to making those online purchases you want.

The trend of free shipping has been on the rise in the past few years. It is no longer just a perk for online shoppers, but a necessity for business success.

With the growth of e-commerce, free shipping is one of the most powerful marketing tools for e-commerce companies. It is a strategy to create a competitive advantage for the company by attracting customers.

Free shipping has three main benefits. The first one is that it reduces the risk of shopping from your site as customers know they will not have to pay anything for delivery. The second one is that it reduces price sensitivity and allows you to charge higher prices than your competitors. And finally, it creates customer satisfaction by making them feel like they are getting something extra for free.

Companies offer free shipping because it provides them with an advantage over their competitors. They can offer a lower price to customers and make up for it with higher volume of sales.

Shipping costs continue to rise but we here at Tear Catcher Shop are undeterred in our mission to provide incredible value to our beloved customers. We’re taking inflation head-on and giving our customers a way to save BIG: we now offer 100% FREE shipping on all orders over $100. Yes, when we way free we do mean free, $0 shipping cost.

We still ship all our tear catchers and jewelry in the same careful and methodical way we always have – no skimping on packaging materials or using a slower shipping rate. You get the same service just without the cost.

So, go ahead and take advantage of this offer and shop our beautiful Victorian tear catchers. Please note that this free shipping offer only applies to orders shipped to The United States.